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The Clause

Interview: The Clause

Ahead of their sold out gig at the Wedgewood Rooms last night for Fitz Promotions, we had a quick chat with Pearce Macca from Birmingham’s very own The Clause.

For those who are unaware of you as a band, can you give us a few lines about The Clause, who you are, how you came to be etc?

We’re four boys from Birmingham out to make our dream a reality. Some of us knew each other from school and from going to gigs in and around our hometown when we were 17. We decided we were fed up of watching people on stage and wanted to get up there ourselves, from this we formed The Clause. 

How would you describe your sound for those who are new to your music? 

We were described once in an article as having a 60s swagger, an 80s groove and a 90s attack. I think that’s spot on. 

Who or what first got you into music?

Have to say it was our parents. We were educated well from a very young age being introduced to bands like The Rolling Stones, The Specials and Blondie. It’s fair to say we had a very musically orientated upbringing because our parents are so passionate about music. 

Who would you say have been your biggest influences to date as a musicians?

We’re influenced by a lot of music both current and ranging back to the 60s and 70s. Our music reflects influences from bands like Blondie that often mixes Rock & Roll with other disco influences. We try and build this on a foundation of our indie rock influences of the naughties through bands like Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian. 

Do you tend to work collaboratively as a band when writing the songs or work alone and bring it back to the table to piece together?

It differs depending on the project, recently I’ve been writing most of our material in a shed at the back of my garden, then bringing the demo’s to the table to add to these tunes. We try to write collaboratively as much as possible out of enjoyment, trying to get together around everyone’s work schedules can be difficult though as we’re constantly on the road. We’ll be locking ourselves away in January to write together. 

How’s the recent tour going so far? How was it supporting The Reytons?

Our tour has been unbelievable, we’re selling a mad amount of tickets in towns we’ve never set foot in before which is class to see. We know times are hard for everyone at the minute in the current economic climate so seeing people flock out to see us means the world.

The Reytons tour was mental, we played to a full room every night, their fans are incredible and getting to play in front of them every night was unreal. We made pals for life on that tour, The Reytons are the best bunch of guys you could meet. We still haven’t really recovered from some heavy nights on that tour to be honest. 

The Clause
Photo Credit: Russ Leggatt

A sold out home town gig in Birmingham on Friday – can you give us any spoilers as to what the surprises could be? 

Yeah it’s mental that we’re playing a show of this size we can’t wait to get on that stage. Sorry, can’t give away any spoilers, it’s gonna be a massive party that’s all I can say! 

I remember seeing you play at Golden Touch Festival for Fitz Promotions in 2021, I think this may have been your first time in Pompey? How’d you find the crowds down here?

Before that Golden Touch gig we’d never played portsmouth before so it was a kind of untapped market for us. But we loved that show, and it’s a great festival which really sold Portsmouth to us. It’s our first ever headliner in portsmouth on this tour and it’s a sold out show which tells you everything you need to know about the people here and how much they support new music. 

Following the ‘Forvever Young’ EP release, are there any plans to work towards a full album? 

Definitely, the album is in our minds. We could release an album tomorrow if we wanted to, we’re just waiting for the right time to drop it. I think there’s still a couple of hits to be recorded for it, as soon as we come of this tour that’s what I’ll be doing. 

Is there any particular artist/producer out there right now that you would love to collaborate with? 

Always said I’d love to make a record with Kevin Parker from Tame Impala, he’s an absolute genius and I think we’d cook up some disco rock filth together. 

What can we expect to see from The Clause in 2023? 

We’re gonna be releasing our best material yet starting early in 2023. It’s gonna be all about getting our music out there and setting out on our biggest tour yet which will be announced in early 2023. We’ve been grafting so hard and we’re gonna make 2023 our year, we can’t wait! 

The Clause continue conclude their UK Tour over the next few days and remaining tickets can be found here.

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