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The Ks

Review: The K’s – I Wonder If The World Knows?

Although The Ks are one of the newer bands on the UK Indie music scene, they are fast becoming one of the most highly regarded bands of this time. With high energy performances and catchy singles, they have already found themselves to be gracing the main stage at many of the UKs largest festivals, such as Reading and Leeds and Isle of Wight Festival.

Their debut album, “I Wonder If The World Knows?”, does not disappoint and lives up to the hype. This album is a seamless blend of old and new tracks which explores themes of early adulthood, heartbreak and the highs and lows of everyday life.

The album’s opening track, “Icarus”, is clearly influenced by the classic Greek Myth – a story with a moral about not getting too carried away. Following a similar theme, the song describes the feeling of shame and dread after chasing the highs of a night out. What makes this track so special is the introduction. A slow, eery string quartet quickly picks up speed before exploding into The Ks signature, lively sound. The lively start continues with “Heart On My Sleeve” (released 2023), which was already a fan favourite before the release of this album. Both tracks are sure to get crowds jumping this festival season as they sound like huge summer anthems.

Chancer” has been a live favourite for a while since its release, just over a year ago. Again, describing a night out with friends, but this time exploring the fun that can be had when you may become accidentally separated from friends. The track opens with, “I missed the train, separated from my mates, I’m in the rain.” – a feeling many of us can relate to and a line that crowds seem to love chanting along to.

The high energy carries on throughout the album, but it cleverly broken up by two beautiful ballads, “Lights Go Down” and “Hoping Maybe”. In these tracks, the four-piece band seizes the opportunity to showcase their versatility, highlighting each member’s unique abilities. From the commanding vocals of Jamie Boyle (lead singer) to the intricate guitar solo from Ryan Breslin (guitarist), it interesting to hear a softer, more emotional side, to the high energy indie band.

The recently released “Black & Blue” emerges as the next high-energy offering. Although the song sounds happy, the main character seems to have ended up in trouble with a guy much bigger than him due to a complex relationship, saying “he swears I’m gonna get it… Well he’s six foot tall and three foot wide.” Overall, “I Wonder If The World Knows?” is a brilliant first album that perfectly captures the bands high energy, quality music and versatility. With its bold and uncompromising vibe, The K’s debut possesses the potential to become the defining soundtrack for a new generation.

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