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Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher – The O2

Biblical, Godlike, Celestial, RnR Star, Majestical, Rasta, Lover, Lasagne, Sunshiiiiiine, C’mon – just some of the words used to describe himself and words that adorned the billboards leading up to The O2 from the tube (shoutout to Brian at Microdot for the original scribe!). I think tonight it could be said that Liam was a mixture of all these even lasagne!

One thing that never fails to amaze me is how this music has transcended the decades so far and passed across the generations. As I was stood outside watching the conveyer belt of fans take their picture in front of the billboards, it was amazing to see families heading to the gig together, groups of friends of all ages and everyone else in between.

The whole tour sold out in minutes when it was first announced such is the desire for the nostalgia of one of the greatest debut records to ever be released. I think there may have been an element of wishful thinking that a full Oasis reunion may have materialised or possible guest appearances.

The nostalgia was evident from the beginning with the stage adorned with items from the album cover of Definitely Maybe, the most noticeable being the giant flamingos and huge inflatable globe with the stage also featuring a picture of Burt Bacharach and a giant TV.

A countdown on the giant screens from 2024 through to 1994, the year of release of ‘Definitely Maybe’, began and the energy in the arena increased with every passing minute. As soon as it hit 1994 a montage began of Liam from the mid-nineties before the opening chords of ‘Rock n Roll Star’ began with Liam entering the stage last of all. As expected every single line of this song was sung back to him perfectly by the 20,000 strong crowd!

It was an absolute delight to be seeing Bonehead back on stage with Liam after his recovery from ill health and to be back bringing the noise on the songs that changed a generation – none more than on ‘Columbia’, ‘Shakermaker’ and ‘Bring It On Down’.

‘Half The World Away’ a song synonymous with Noel’s vocals (and The Royle Family) was faultless by Liam, which tonight he dedicated to the funky flamingos – whether that was a reference to someone or something other than the two giant flamingos on stage who knows!

Still to this day there are very few bands that could release a ‘B’ sides as good as Oasis did in the nineties, two of my favourites being ‘Fade Away’ and (It’s Good) To Be Free’ drive through the middle of the set tonight.

Liam Gallagher
Photo Credit – Russ Leggatt (above and main)

As if tonight couldn’t get any better, the set (in my opinion) turns up a gear with the only non-album single release of ‘Whatever’ which bridged the gap between ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘Morning Glory’. What seemed like the biggest crowd reaction of the evening followed for ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ with the crowd actually bouncing and where pints of beer were thrown (that must have been some money thrown in the air given the current beer prices!) The set ends just as ‘Definitely Maybe’ does with ‘Married with Children’.

Liam’s encore starts with Oasis debut single ‘Supersonic’ with its synonymous drum beat which Dan McDougall returned to the stage to play out for a few minutes before being joined by the rest of the band. ‘Slide Away’ was flawless and without a doubt my favourite of the evening.

Liam’s voice tonight was absolutely impeccable and so was the whole performance from beginning to end, a privilege to be there. I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed for a full Oasis reunion next year for the 30th anniversary of ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ because if this gig was anything to go by then next year could just be absolutely ridiculous hearing these songs played by the original line up again!

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