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Vistas – The Beautiful Nothing EP

Edinburgh Indie band Vistas released their new EP ‘The Beautiful Nothing’ this week. It follows their second album released back in 2021. The five new tracks will breathe new life into the bands future performances and will likely feature in the bands setlists for many years to come. 

The trio have taken a new direction with this EP, but have maintained some of the trademark Vistas’ sounds. The fast paced, and frenetic band are still producing uplifting and infectiously happy music. Keeping an emphasis on instantly recognisable bass riffs and high tempo choruses. The EP may have slowed down a touch from the previous two albums but the Vistas’ DNA is still present.

However it is in the lyrics that the change of direction is apparent. In previous work the band focused more on the overall sound, thus the lyrics (which are still very good) can fade into the background. The classic Vistas’ formulae of fast paced high energy verses and a belting top of your lungs chorus, is less strictly followed here. Vistas’ previous creations could be described as perfectly constructed chaos. Ironically ‘The Beautiful Nothing’ contains the most substance of any of their work and packed into these five songs are layers upon layers of meaning wrapped neatly into some unforgettable lyrics. 

‘Back Of The Car’, which was the first single released, is the greatest beneficiary of the band’s new focus on Prentice Robertson’s lyrics. Fans will look forward to performing a belting rendition of ‘said you saw god in the back of your car’ at the next Vistas concert. 

Vistas are a band to look out for on any festival line up. A baking hot tent has become their home from home and their music is built for a festival crowd. Previous hits such as, ‘Calm’, ‘Tigerblood’ and ‘Retrospect’ are glowing examples of the type of thing a festival is looking for. These tracks provide ample opportunity to throw yourself into the sweaty sea of humanity bouncing in the centre of that tent. 

Vista’s are a band on the rise and soon they will be filling venues; a totally different experience to festivals. ‘The Beautiful Nothing’ serves as a statement of intent. These five tracks are poignant and meaningful, and bold enough to fill all corners of any venue. These five tracks will make a perfect base for any Vistas’ concerts in the future and will still ignite the crowds at any festival. ‘One More Night With No One’ and ‘Back Of The Car’ will make perfect opening and closing songs respectively.

This EP is highly recommended listening and any of Vistas’ music is a perfect way of pulling yourself out of a rut. 

Words by Stephen Pinhorne

Photo by Russ Leggatt

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